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Back Massage
Deep Tissue -Connective Tissue with Trigger Point
60 min - $85      90 min - $120

This package is great for any area(s) where the client is experiencing "active pain" that won't seem to let go.  I focus on the specific area(s) using a combination of  stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, and Connective Tissue Therapy.  I take great care in listening the each client about the amount of pressure used.

​Swedish Full Body Relaxation
60 min - $75      90 min - $110

Swedish massage is an amazing modality for getting that emotional and physical stress out.  The Swedish massage techniques include long soothing strokes, kneading, tapotement, and more. I include work on the scalp, hands , and feet. 

Reiki Session
​60 min- $75  

Reiki is an energetic laying on of hands healing practice which can be used alone or to support other healing treatments. It assists the body in its own healing process through a harmonizing of the body's energy systems from events in the past, present, and future. Reiki transcends time and space. Reiki benefits all life forms including humans, animals and plants. It is not based on any religion, doctrine, or creed and can only be used for the highest good. The recipient remains fully clothed during these sessions. Pain relief, a sense of wellbeing, and optimism are common results.(See Reiki and Energy Exchange page for details)

​Reflexology- Hands and/or Feet
30 min - Hands  - $30 
30 min - Feet - $40
60 min - Hands and Feet - $75
(Note: Either 30 min. session must be combined w/ another package for 60 minute minimum)

Reflexology is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. As in acupuncture and Shiatsu, when the energy meridians along the body become blocked, an imbalance occurs.  This then manifests as pain, illness, disease, etc... In Reflexology, these meridians along the hands and feet are additionally mapped out into zones which then map out the entire body.   This work is deeper than what a general  hand or foot massage would feel like.  Deep thumb work as well as additional techniques are used.

​Gift Certificates

Before purchasing a gift certificate, please make sure the recipient meets the Covid-19 requirements posted at top of every page of this website.

Gift certificates can be purchased for all types of sessions. If you are able to pick up the certificate, please contact me to give me the name of the recipient, the type of session you wish to buy, and to set up a time to pick up and pay for the certificate with cash, check or credit card. if you are not local, the certificate can be mailed once the check clears. Call if you have additional questions.

Appointment Information          ​  

 * In order to have  the full amount of time (60 or 90 minutes)  for the actual massage/energy work, clients should arrive 10 minutes before their appointment time for every session.


* Client parking is available diagonally in the driveway. 

* There is a 60 minute minimum for each session.


* Face masks (covering nose and mouth) are required for everyone.  While lying face down in the face cradle, the mask can be pulled down under chin or removed.  When the client is on their back, the face mask must be (re)applied. Disposable masks are available on site.  

Energy Exchange Session
30 - 60 min.- $45  

Is life making you feel like a leaf in a hurricane or a twig being tossed relentlessly around by a raging river? Then these one-one discussions are for you! In these sessions, I share my knowledge and tools to understanding and working with one's own energy. For years I have studied energy and practiced energy medicine. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have discovered that sharing what I have learned has helped my clients work through depression, anxiety, loss, anger, fear, physical pain and many other difficult aspects of life. The goal of these sessions is to help clients become conscious of the fact we (and everything/everyone) are ENERGY. (For more information, see my Reiki and Energy Exchange page). These sessions enhance any other sessions I offer.

Couple's Shadow
Couple's/Friend's Massage -

Subject to availability of second therapist. 

Both Swedish Relaxation​
60 min - $150/ Couple ($75/client)
90 min - $ 220/ Couple ($110/client)

Both Deep Tissue
60 min - $ 170/ Couple ($85/client)
90 min - $ 240/ Couple ($120/client)

Sharing the experience of a massage and/or energy work with someone you love, be it your best friend or partner, is a fun and relaxing way to spend part of a special day.
With the help of other local massage therapists, I am able to offer these sessions. Here at The Body Sacred, Couple's/Friend's sessions are tailored to each individual client. You can both choose to get the same type of session or mix and match all types of sessions including Reiki and Reflexology .   
Please try to schedule at least 2 weeks in advance so we can be sure I have a second therapist available.
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