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Why work with Dreams...?

Dreams have always had some kind of "charge" with me. They've been terrifying, humorous, heart-wrenching, romantic, ominous, spiritually uplifting, and awkward and embarrassing. Mostly, they've been a mysterious occurrence that I thought it best to not delve into. The idea of doing anything with a dream, besides being a passive observer, seemed...taboo. Even dark. I have learned these feelings were based in my own ignorance, naivety, and fear.


In 2012, a family member began to have dreams of a recently deceased loved one. The dreams were of the deceased loved one, coming into the bedroom of the dreamer and telling the dreamer that he was "really here."  These were very emotional and very "real" dreams. I felt certain these were true visitations. A psychic later confirmed this by directly quoting the dream. I began to research this topic with great interest. I thought that if they can communicate with us through dreams, I want to know how to communicate back! I also wanted to have some way to become lucid in the dreams so I could ask all of the many questions and share the sentiments myself and my family had. And finally, I needed a way to help me remember these dreams and their messages. 


During my months of research and nightly attempts at the recommended ways to become a "lucid dreamer", a new and at first strange thing, started to happen. During that period between awake and asleep, I began to have experiences of "popping out" of my physical body. I knew I was completely conscious and not dreaming. I was able to move about my bedroom, look at the clock change time, and actually watch myself sleeping. This was initially, both fascinating and terrifying. I felt as though this was happening for a reason but I was completely out of my spiritual comfort zone. I needed guidance and a mentor. I found Robert Moss's book, "Conscious Dreaming" and much of my fear and anxiety was alleviated. I have since become one of Robert's students and continue to explore and learn more about how gifts (insight, healing, precognition, advice from spiritual guides and deceased loved ones, inspiration and invention, etc..) are offered to us every night (and day!) .  We need only to "Wake Up and Dream!"


In providing these sessions, I make no claim on being a Shaman.  Life has become a shamanic path with many dream journeys from which I have brought back gifts I wish to share.  I recommend Robert Moss's books and courses as well as having a clear understanding of what Shamanism is.

Lightning Dreamwork Session: The Lightning Dreamwork Game is a fun and easy tool created by Robert Moss that provides a framework for the dreamer to tell his/her dream and to receive another person's (or group of people's) own persepective on it.  Because the dreamer is the true expert on his/her dreams, the listener always begins comments with, "If it were my dream..."  These sessions are a great way to learn how to journal, share, and get insight on a specific dream or future dreams.


Dream Re-entry Session: Many times we find that, for a better understanding, it's ideal that we re-enter a dream.  This is done with shamanic drumming which allows the dreamer to enter a very relaxed state of concsciousness.  The dreamer can then look around the dreamscape, converse and ask questions of the dream "characters", and bring into the conscious mind some details and further understanding of the message of the dream.


Soul Recovery Session: Many of us have known experiences in our lives where the reality of life was too painful, violent, or otherwise extreme to be fully present to.  Many indiginous and ancient cultures believed (and continue to believe) that, in order to survive these times, part of the soul will go to some place that feels safe. Even after the traumatic event has passed, that piece of the soul will remain separate from the rest.  There are many symptoms of soul loss.  Contact me if you are interested in learning more.


These are just a sample of the types of sessions I will be offering. If you are feeling drawn to a journey through shamanic drumming and you wish to learn more , I'd love to share what I have learned, so please contact me!

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